Countless Make-up Tutorials, Is It Really Worth It?

Video : Countless make-up tutorials , Is it really worth it?

mooooMake-up is a medium of art that has been existent throughout centuries. It is used almost in all cultures, races and traditions. It’s part of human expression and we can see that the way how it is used and viewed has also evolved in either in good or in bad results. Nowadays, we can see in social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and most Importantly YouTube, that there are many pictures, post and videos that discuss the beautiful and amazing results of blending, putting on and rubbing in make-up in your face. Other people who post a lot about it especially the most rich and undeniably beautiful people had gained fame, more money and many much more followers through this. Through the years and the revolution of make-up, anyone can actually be a beauty guru. A beauty guru is a term that is used by make-up addicted millennials who always keep up with the make-up and fashion trends. Beauty guru’s like Nikkie Tutorials, Manny Mua, Patrick Starr, Tati Westbrook and RayeRayeRaye are just a few examples of Beauty Vloggers on YouTube who may post a video daily or weekly on YouTube updating followers and fans on how they do their make-up daily or occasionally together with videos that tackles their skin care routine in the morning and night. With the increasing number of beauty vloggers all around the social media, Make-up beginners or pro are honestly sometimes confused who to trust or who to copy. And if you could search a simple make-up look only at YouTube, there will be a thousand results from different sources. So, was it worth it? Was it worth my time, effort and money?

Before going anywhere, why do you wear make-up? To be pretty or feel beautiful? Sure! In an article written by BuzzFeed online, they had claimed that a woman only wears make-up to impress men. Other men also wear make-up to impress other men. In a sense that these people are insecure and had been cheated on by someone they loved with someone who is more attractive than them. They had claimed that there is no sense of wearing make-up and there is no point on the revolution of it. Another statement of them that had actually shocked me is that ‘’Make up is bad ,You just think it’s good cause it made you feel pretty.’’ But hold up right there, this is not a blog about stopping people to wear makeup.
In the blog of Chloe Johnson in the website, she stated many reasons why anyone should never actually plan on wearing make-up. This is honestly new to me because I wasn’t ready for this. Okay, here it is. No matter how expensive and animal tested your makeup is, it’s still going to cause you acne and many more skin problems. This is the reason why most women go to the other level of thickness with primer, foundation, highlighter and powder. Believing that it will go away through time but actually it won’t and it will make your body’s ability to heal itself slow. As we slide down to the end, it will get personal. You wear make-up, you aren’t necessarily embracing yourself. Don’t you love and believed yourself enough that you are beautiful and gracefully crafted by the gracious creator? Did you just decided to cover those imperfections on the rest of your entire life? Love is very important for a person to be happy and the very first type of Love that an individual should do is Self-Love. Self-Love is a state of appreciation of you that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. Self-Love is dynamic. It grows by actions that makes us mature. When we act in ways that makes us love that we are, we began to accept our flaws and weaknesses and also our strength. We can find that explaining ourselves to other people is nonsense especially when they don’t know us personally. Living should be focused on finding personal meaning, life purpose, and values. And not be focus on how to cover up acne and face dark spots. When you love yourself or embrace yourself: You become mindful, You Act According to what you need and not what you want, you protect yourself and you practice good self-care. When protecting yourself, you choose the right people to enter your life. I will give this situation as an example: You met someone you liked as a friend and you started to hang-out together and decided to be with each other all the time. You became a one soul in two bodies until you found out that this person doesn’t love herself so much especially her face so you also start to feel the same. This is very toxic and bad. And the most important, practicing good self-care. When you care about yourself, you take care of your body. You are going to stop letting chemicals and acid entering your body from bad food and creams. You are going to accept who you really are. Going back about what Chloe Johnson had said,make-up also waste time and money. Let’s put up into this situation: You are Jemma, you work as a customer service representative within twelve hours and had a son to feed and send to school in the morning then go back home and sleep. You love sleep but you have to wake up two hours and thirty minutes before calling time at work because you have to put all your ten thousand pesos worth of makeup in your face. Just imagine how much time of sleep you could have when you decide to not wear makeup before going to work.
As when you decide to start wearing make-up and you’re that type of person that just started to have foundation, concealer then lipstick but it doesn’t match your real skin tone or complexion it will really going to make you look unpleasant when you put it on. Here you are on social media searching for a tutorial on how to put makeup on like a pro. And you followed it! You carefully put that foundation into your skin and carved those eyebrows. You have seen another video tutorial on how to do a trendy look but it doesn’t look good and the same on you even if you’ve done every process. The point is, you have to learn first. Do not directly put everything on your face unless you are sure and consulted or ask a professional make-up artist. In Reality, we are all different from each other. Had different nose, eyes, color and lips from each other. That is why if you really want to find what’s best for you when it comes to your skin and looks, hiding behind computers to find a way is not the best way.
It is not worth it to just stare at your computer and waste your time searching for something that you want to feel complete. You got to stand there and make a way because at the very end of the day, you need to realize that being truly happy and satisfied has to be processed.